Carrara White Quartz is a white and gray quartz with dark grey streaks

An Introduction to Carrara White Quartz

Picking out what kind of Quartz you want to choose for your project can be a bit overwhelming. But don’t worry! We are here to help! All of our quartz slabs are the same quality so we recommend going with aesthetics. To make this easy, ask yourself one simple question:What do you want to look at everyday?                                                                 

Here at Discount Granite and Home Supply we have several quartz options to choose from. We are happy to present to you our Carrara White Quartz from our Tier 2 Quartz Slab Price group.

Where does Carrara White Quartz Come From?

Discount Granite and Home Supply Quartz Slabs are Sourced from some of the most Prestigious Companies in the World. Carrara White Quartz comes from the North Eastern hemisphere sourced from India. Our Associates worked hard to find the best quality material and we are proud to have been supplying Columbus, Ohio with Quartz Slabs from all around the World since 2008.

What are Advantages of Carrara White Quartz?

  • Luxury countertop like granite without the maintenance. No sealing necessary.
  •  Quartz is non-porous so it is harder to stain than granite. 
  •  You can clean your quartz countertops with any cleaner.

What is the Best Use for Carrara White?

Carrara White Quartz can only be used for indoor installations. Quartz has a hard surface that is ideal for kitchen and bathroom countertops as well as fireplace surrounds, shower thresholds, shower benches, niches and any other application you can imagine. 

Interested in using Carrara White Quartz for Your next Project?

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